Your Bachelorette Party – #VegasStyle

It’s that wonderful time of the year! The sun is poking out, we’re putting all our winter gear away & getting ready for  Vegas pool parties!   (YASSSSSSS!!)

Your  bachelorette party  won’t be the same without a dose of our  infamous alcohol       infused cupcakes!  Get ready to get  cupcake crazy  and party away that  last fling before the ring!

Take it up a notch with some  sweet adult treats  and add our


Sooooo..  What exactly  ARE  these bachelorette sprinkles?

They are  cute,  fun-sized  multi-colored  “man-parts” that are sprinkled on top of our  boozy cupcakes!  A little naughty never hurt nobody… Right? We like to enhance your  Vegas bachelorette party  & make it just a little bit dirrrrrtyyyy!

Bachelorette Sprinkles

Just choose the  ‘Bachelorette Sprinkles’  on the add-on menu to add them to your order. These ‘bad boys‘ are just an additional  $5 per dozen  – on either the mini sized or the standard sized cupcakes.

Want a little more variety?  Add the bachelorette sprinkles then mention you want to add the   ‘DELUXE’  version. This combination includes the  multi-colored  “man-parts”   sprinkles,  diamond   ring   cupcake   toppers   &   a   mustache   cupcake   topper.   This combination is $8 per dozen.

Diamond Ring Toppers

Just in case you were wondering… “Multi-colored” means red, green, yellow & blue.

Bite deep  into our  sinfully sweet treats  &  add on some  extra naughty sprinkles  for some  extra fun!