Flavor Guide

Find yourself sorting through our sinfully sweet flavors and don’t know how to make up your mind? Or are you curious what our alcohol-infused flavors look like?

We’ve added a Sin City Cupcakes flavor guide so you can see how our scrumptious cupcakes look, per flavor. Sometimes our cupcakes have some seasonal garnishes and decorations, so they may vary from time to time. 

Cupcakes are frosted happiness.. Prepare yourself!scc-menu-png.png



April Flavor of the Month

Spring has already sprung and have we ever been ready!

Get your hands on our April Flavor of the Month: Tropical Banana Splash

Tropical Banana Splash

A blue curaçao cake injected with a banana & coconut rum filling, finished with our whipped topping.

A real sweet treat that will have you feeling like you’re on an island get-away!

Order this special tropical flavor before it floats away!

How to Order?

In the flavor section, please list ‘Tropical Banana Splash’ as one of your selected flavors. You may choose (1) OTHER flavor to pair it with, within each dozen(2) flavors per (1) dozen.

Tropical wishes to you all! #VEGASSTYLE

Sin City Cupcakes at Nightclub & Bar Show 2014

Sin City Cupcakes was honored to be back at Nightclub & Bar Show again this year! One of our favorite industry shows in Las Vegas! We brought our Mercedes-Benz custom built gourmet cupcake truck to the show which is available for corporate events, private parties, or any other needs!

Sin City Cupcakes at Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas March 25-26.
Sin City Cupcakes at Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas March 25-26.

We set up our booth, which was right next to the main stage, and welcomed all the attendees coming from all over the world. It was an absolute pleasure meeting so many people and networking with so many people during the show! At the Nightclub & Bar Show, Sin City Cupcakes debuted our newest product: Shippable Sin City Cupcakes Alcohol Filling! Many nightclub/bar owners were ecstatic for our newest line available to make their own Sin City Cupcakes within their own establishment, which guarantees the highest level of quality.

Sin City Cupcakes: Las Vegas' #1 Premiere Alcohol Cupcakes (with the largest variety in the nation)
Sin City Cupcakes: Las Vegas’ #1 Premiere Alcohol Cupcakes (with the largest variety in the nation)
Sin City Cupcakes' team at Nightclub & Bar Show 2014
Sin City Cupcakes’ team at Nightclub & Bar Show 2014

We also had some of our infamous Jalepeno Margarita DIRTY TEQUILA cupcakes at the Dirty Tequila booth under the ‘Emerging Brands’ section. We love pairing such a tasty cupcake with a great tequila with a kick! The attendees went crazy over the pineapple and cinnamon infused tequila, then to follow with the jalepeno margarita cupcake from Sin City Cupcakes.

Jalepeno Margarita cupcakes made with Dirty Tequila in the 'Emerging Brands' aisle at Nightclub & Bar Show.
Jalepeno Margarita cupcakes made with Dirty Tequila in the ‘Emerging Brands’ aisle at Nightclub & Bar Show.

Sin City Cupcakes also offered bite-sized samples with our MINI ALCOHOL CUPCAKES (which we currently offer for sale) in the following flavors: Chocolate Wasted (chocolate & vodka), Mango Margarita, Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (cherry cheesecake & coconut rum), and the Red Velvet Backseats (red wine cabernet). Our delicious samples disappeared so quickly we had to schedule sampling at the top of the hour, every hour!

Sampling mini alcohol cupcakes during Nightclub & Bar Show
Sampling mini alcohol cupcakes during Nightclub & Bar Show

We want to say thank you to everyone who participated in Nightclub & Bar Show! We loved meeting all the attendees, exhibitors, and special guests that came into Vegas just for this immaculate show! We can’t wait to see you again next year!

A big thank you to John Taffer and Taffer Media Group for putting on another great event!

Artist/DJ Lil' Jon coming by the Sin City Cupcakes booth to show support.
Artist/DJ Lil’ Jon coming by the Sin City Cupcakes booth to show support.

Sin City Cupcake Anatomy!

We wanted to hold a little ‘Sin City Cupcakes Anatomy’ class to show all of you cupcake-sters what makes us different from every other Las Vegas cupcake company. We just like to bring a little extra pizzazz inside of ours! So here’s a brief breakdown of our anatomy!

1. Our cupcakes aren’t overly mega-jumbo-tron sized. Too much cake and not enough filling and frosting is a little overwhelming (to us)!

2. We ONLY use cream cheese frosting. No buttercream over here. We just think that cream cheese frosting is the only way to go. So because of the nature of cream cheese frosting, it won’t be able to stand 5 feet tall like the buttercream. And it also can’t stay in warm weather, as it will get a little melty. Cream cheese frosting may be a little more needy, but boy does it taste DELICIOUS!

3. Our alcohol-filling is INSIDE the cupcake. It’s NOT baked out like other bakeries. What fun is it when the alcohol is baked out, long and gone ago? We want to keep the party going! So when you do bite into a tasty little Sin City Cupcake, you must BITE DEEP to ensure you get a little cake, a little frosting, and a little boozey filling in the inside!

Class is dismissed!!! And you may now enjoy your Sin City Cupcake the right way!!


Sin City Cupcakes!

Order now: (702) 776.0955 or connect@sincitycupcakes.com

Wedding Bells Are Ringing! Let Sin City Cupcakes Bring Las Vegas Joy For Your Special Day!

Do you have an upcoming wedding here in Las Vegas? Spice up your wedding celebrations up with some cupcakes that have an alcoholic filling from Sin City Cupcakes!

Whether it be large or small, we cater directly to your needs! We also have cupcake tiers and displays available for rental. 

Check out some of our recent displays, as we can accommodate as traditional or non-traditional as you need! Remember, everything can be customized!

Cupcake tiers and Flavor descriptions
Sin City Cupcakes caters to all wedding needs
Customized plating available
Small Wedding and Displays at the Cosmo Bungalows
We love our Las Vegas brides!!!! 🙂
Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes for a Residential Wedding Reception
Various sets of Displays Used
Las Vegas Weddings!

Please contact us for any of your wedding needs here in Las Vegas! We love happy brides and festive weddings!

Call us at: (702) 776-0955 or send us an email to: connect@sincitycupcakes.com

Happy Married After!

Sin City Cupcakes Specializes in Custom Liquor Creations

Have you ever wanted to have custom cupcakes made with your favorite liquor? Perhaps a certain brand or a hard-to-find liquor?

Sin City Cupcakes specializes in creating your OWN cupcake based on your favorite liquor and preferences, then we head into the taste-testing kitchen until they are perfectly delicious!

We just picked up two different types of liquor from a friend of our customer’s distillery to make custom cupcakes for their wedding! How exciting! Head Frame Spirits’ Whisky and Bourbon Cream Liqueur!

One of our client’s favorite liquors to be used in making custom Sin City Cupcakes for their wedding. How exciting!

Anything is possible with Sin City Cupcakes! Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your special events and celebrations.