Flavor Guide

Find yourself sorting through our sinfully sweet flavors and don’t know how to make up your mind? Or are you curious what our alcohol-infused flavors look like?

We’ve added a Sin City Cupcakes flavor guide so you can see how our scrumptious cupcakes look, per flavor. Sometimes our cupcakes have some seasonal garnishes and decorations, so they may vary from time to time. 

Cupcakes are frosted happiness.. Prepare yourself!scc-menu-png.png



TheVegasFoodie Contest is Over and The Winners Are In!

One of Sin City Cupcake’s favorite “foodies” — @TheVegasFoodie hosted a contest around the NEW @ClubFoodie app last week, and the winners of the contest were rewarded with some sinfully delicious LIQUOR-INFUSED cupcakes from us!

We wanted to extend a tasty “CONGRATULATIONS” to all of those who participated. The @ClubFoodie app is definitely going to be a hot-item for you foodies, so if you still haven’t downloaded, better grab it ASAP!

We also want to thank @TheVegasFoodie for being such a great contest host, as we’re excited to get the three winners their FREE cupcakes! If you know @TheVegasFoodie then you know that he knows Las Vegas like no other!

Want to be up-on-things like him? Shoot him a FOLLOW on Twitter @TheVegasFoodie and @ClubFoodie so you get all the latest and greatest foodie tips and contest updates! We know everyone LOVES free stuff! You can also LIKE him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheVegasFoodie

Finally! Here are the winners from the @ClubFoodie and SIn City Cupcakes contest!

  • Grand Prize Winner: Janell A. — FREE GIANT CUPCAKE and a ‘BOGO’ voucher!
  • Second Place Winner: Mahsheed B. — FREE DOZEN CUPCAKES and a ‘BOGO’ voucher!
  • Third Place Winner: Adam R. — FREE HALF DOZEN CUPCAKES and a ‘BOGO’ voucher!

Once again, CONGRATS to everyone who participated! 

Janell, Mahsheed, and Adam, we cannot wait to get your precious liquor-infused cupcakes to you! 


Recap from Yelp’s Las Vegas Elite Event at The Mob Museum

This past Thursday we catered some scrumptious alcohol-infused Sin City Cupcakes for the Yelp Las Vegas Elite event at The Mob Museum.

At this Elite Yelp event, ‘Yelp-ers’ were rewarded with a spiked cupcake ( from YOURS TRULY ) after completing the Yelp Mob competition! Anxious ‘Yelp-ers’ tasted the 4 flavors that we brought: Italian Stallion, Chocolate Wasted, Midnight Mystery, and Marilyn Monroe.

We were absolutely ECSTATIC to have these Elite ‘Yelp-ers’ try our sweet treats! And needless to say they were disappearing like hot cakes! It seemed as though the ‘Italian Stallion‘ was the most popular. And I know why, because it is DELICI-OH-SO! A tiramisu-inspired cupcake soaked in espresso vodka, with a chocolate-espresso vodka and mascarpone cheese filling, and a sweet vanilla vodka frosting. My, oh my!

Lisa & Dannielle (Sin City Cupcakes)

We wish we brought enough for everyone to try one of each! Although, many of the ‘Yelp-ers’ may have left chocolate wasted afterwards. Ha! I kid, I kid, but no, really!

Thanks to Misty at Yelp LV and a big thank you to the supportive Elite ‘Yelp-ers’! 

Thank you Misty!! (Yelp LV)

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to check us out on YELP.com and leave us a review if you’ve tried our delicious alcohol-infused cupcakes! xoxoxoxoxo


Win Free Sin City Cupcakes Contest via @TheVegasFoodie and @ClubFoodie

@TheVegasFoodie / @ClubFoodie are hosting the first ever Sin City Cupcake’s giveaway. 

Join the contest on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/WinCakes

Now… Here’s the 411 you’ve been awaiting!



We had a minute to drink.. er.. taste Sin City’s variety of alcohol infused cupcakes. Eat 6 or more + you may actually get a ‘buzz’. The ONLY cupcake (that we know of) with an alcohol infused, pastry cream center. 


NOW – 6/15. Preregister with our tasty new app being developed right here in Las Vegas: http://bit.ly/foodieapp

HOW TO WIN: Share Like The Dickens.

You can only enter once. BUT — you will gain 1 additional entry for every one of your friends that sign up! (via your super secret registration link)


Giant Sin City Cupcake of Your Choice (size of a true cake) PLUS a BOGO voucher for 1 dozen cupcakes*

2nd PRIZE: 12 FREE Sin City Cupcakes + 1 BOGO Dozen*

3rd PRIZE: 6 FREE Sin City Cupcakes + 1 BOGO Half Dozen Voucher!*

*(Limit 2 variety per order)

Visit Sin City Cupcakes — http://sincitycupcakes.com/