About Sin City Cupcakes & Deliveries

Products & Pricing:

  • Mini Sized Virgin Cupcakes @ $34 / dozen  *choose 2 flavors per dozen;  additional flavors $5 each
  • Mini Sized Alcohol Infused Cupcakes @ $38 / dozen  *choose 2 flavors per dozen;  additional flavors $5 each
  • Mini Sized Alcohol Infused Cupcakes – Bakers Choice Assortment @ $44 / dozen  *variety of flavors that are chosen for you
  • Standard Size Virgin Cupcakes @ $44 / dozen  *choose 2 flavors per dozen;  additional flavors $5 each
  • Standard Size Alcohol Infused Cupcakes @ $48 / dozen  *choose 2 flavors per dozen;  additional flavors $5 each
  • Standard Sized Alcohol Infused Cupcakes – Bakers Choice Assortment @ $54 / dozen  *variety of flavors that are chosen for you
  • 6″ 2 Layer Cake @ $60 / each  (*infuse it with booze for +$10 more)

  • Boozy Cake Bites (Cake Pop/Ball/Truffle) @ $39.99 / dozen
  • Cake Jars (nationwide shipping only) — 1 @ $12.99 | 2 @ $19.99 | 3 @ $29.99 | 4 @ $39.99 | 5 @ $49.99 | 6 @ $59.99
  • Also available: Cake Shots (Mini Layered Cupcakes Displayed in a Shot Glass)
  • Available Options: Non-Alcoholic Cupcakes (Mini & Standard Sized), Gluten-Free
  • Available Add Ons: Birthday Decorations, Glitter 21/30/40/50 Decorations, Bachelorette Sprinkles, Bachelorette Decorations (multiple varieties), Wedding Decorations, Congrats Decorations, & more!


Many times we are asked, “What time do you deliver?”

Well… Our delivery times do change from time to time depending on our production schedule as well as our delivery schedule! We try our absolute hardest to accommodate our fabulous customers every chance we have.

Our deliveries are usually made between the hours of 11am – 3pm. No pick ups or deliveries on Sundays (unless by special request made in advance & approved by us).

Factors that may affect delivery times include (but not limited to): weather, traffic, large catering events, rush orders, special requests, hotel check-in restrictions,  guest arrival time restrictions,  conventions, etc.

For hotel deliveries, we aim to deliver prior to your hotel check-in time which is generally 3pm.

For restaurant deliveries, we deliver prior to your RSVP time. Your delivery is then accepted by the hostess and placed in cool storage for your RSVP.

Week of April 16th Delivery Times:

M n/a | T 11am-3pm | W 11am-3pm | TH 11am-3pm | F 11am-3pm | Sat 11am-3pm | Sun n/a

Bakers Choice Assortment

If you need your cupcakes delivered by a morning time, which is not always guaranteed, we may suggest you have your order placed for delivery the day before. Your cupcakes will stay fresh & delicious without refrigeration for over a day. Make sure your cupcakes are stored in an inside (AC) location and out of direct sunlight or heat.

However, for optimal freshness, store your cupcakes in the closed bakery box they arrive in, inside the fridge. About 1-2 hours prior to to consumption take them out to un-chill & enjoy! 

If you are a guest staying at the Palazzo, Venetian, Elara or Hilton Grand Vacations, please let us know of your  arrival date  and  time checking into the hotel. These properties will NOT ACCEPT your order unless you are currently checked-in. The  Elara and Hilton Grand Vacations  will require you to be on property to accept your delivery.  We do apologize for any  inconveniences this may cause,  as we are  required to  follow all hotel property procedures.

UPDATE: August  2017— Unfortunately we do NOT offer delivery to Nellis Air Force Base any longer, as delivery guests are not allowed on property without proper clearance from Nellis AFB. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Thank you!


The best way to order from us is online 24/7. Orders must be placed by 12pm PST, 2 days prior to your delivery date to avoid a rush fee. You may use our e-store to complete your order, including payment. Once your order has been received you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have a custom request, please either email us with your requests so that we may quote you. Or you may order through our custom order form and complete payment through an emailed invoice. Once your invoice is received, you have the option of paying through credit card (directly through the invoice), PayPal, Venmo or BitCoin.

Custom Order Form


At the moment, we are not shipping our cupcakes (although we are exploring ways to offer this!) but our Boozy Cake Bites, Cake Jars & Boozy Fillings are available for nationwide shipping!

  • 16oz (fills approximately 16 cupcakes) @ $16.99 *plus S&H
  • 24oz (fills approximately 24 cupcakes) @ $22.99 *plus S&H
  • 32oz (fills approximately 32 cupcakes) @ $27.99 *plus S&H


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